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Functional Adult Shape

Functional Adult Shape

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Grape Soda Pop    
Fizzy grape blended with notes of peach, pineapple, raspberries, & strawberries finished off with vanilla.

Grape Happy Camper Candy    
Reminiscent of sour grape candy it is a strong juicy grape candy scent.
 Top notes of juicy grape, sweet strawberries. Middle notes of peach, raspberry, pineapple all on a base of violet candy, orange flower & grape jam.

Raspberry Lime  
A punchy fruity floral with top notes of raspberry, peach, apple & grape followed by rich floral notes of Jasmin, tuberose and orange flower with a base of musk & vanilla.

Peach Iced Tea    
A sweet peach fragrance opening with gentle citruses, peach & apple with hints of tea, leading into a heart of Jasmin, rose & lily, resting on a base of soft musk.

Tropical Crush    
 Just like the soft drink Lilt. A sweet, juicy tropical pineapple’ grapefruit &mango fragrance with notes of ripe papaya skin, orange, raspberry & crisp green apple.

Salt Water Taffy   
A scent that brings back memories of sweet melt in your mouth taffy. Top notes of strawberry, raspberry & banana. Middle notes of Cherry, sugar & wild berry on a base of creamy vanilla taffy.