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Spanish Cleaning Scents

Spanish Cleaning Scents

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Spanish cleaning products have taken the UK by storm. There is just something nice about the amazing smells that remind us of our holidays. So we introduce you to the next best thing, wax melts which smell the same, these amazing scents to fill your home ☀️ This section will be filled up this week so check back for updates  

BROMOL ROPA LIMPIA - A fresh scent reminiscent of clean laundry, in which citrus & crisp apple meets orange blossom, violet, rose and lily. This fruity & floral fusion rests on a warm base of blonde woods, amber & musk.

CIELO AZUL MAYOR DOMO - A scent that radiates a gorgeous smell of blue skies, reminding you of holidays spent in the Spanish sun! Fresh and breezy with notes of bitter orange and a base of amber and suave sandal.

GOTAS FRECAS CONCENTRADO - An exotic fruity & floral fusion, opening with tropical sweet mandarin, creamy coconut & ripe apple, leading to a lush floral heart of opulent jasmine & delicate lily. All resting on a base of indulgent vanilla, amber & rich musk.

GOTAS FRESCAS BABY - A fresh & lasting fragrance that is reminiscent of traditional colognes. Bergamot, zesty lemon & mandarin meld with floral notes of neroli blossoms, jasmine petals and lavender sprigs, leading to a sensual musk & amber base.

MAYOR DOMO SAUVIANTE SPA A clean herbal accord with fresh citrus notes of bergamot and orange. A heart of pine, rose & lilac rests on a rich base of cedarwood & amber.

NENUCO - Smells just like the Spanish baby cologne. A clean fresh and citrus aroma that oozes fresh lemon notes.

VIENTO - A seductive accord with floral notes fused with rich amber.