Welcome to Sniffs 💕 The last restock of the year is Sunday 5th December ⛄️


Welcome To Sniffs, The Home Of Beautiful Hand Poured Soy Wax Melts • Made With Love Here In Edinburgh • Established 2020 •

About Me

Last restock of the year….

What an incredible year 2021 has been. I welcomed a new baby into the world whilst juggling work and growing my business. We have welcomed hundreds of new customers & built a lovely community on our Facebook page Sniffs Home Fragrance Sniffs has grown into something I never thought possible. My love for making wax has grown and I have lots of plans for 2022. The last restock of the year will take place on Sunday 5th December at 7pm. My website will be open threw out January but there won’t be a restock. I am having some much needed chill time. I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone who has supported me this year, whether it’s a share, recommendation or purchase… it.helps more than you know ❤️

About Me

Hey, I’m Tamara. Creator of Sniffs Home Fragrance. Thank you for visiting my store! It’s great to have you here. I started in this crazy world of wax melts around five years ago at first I was a wax addict it was a real passion for me so it’s only natural when I first started making them it became my happy place. Sniffs is run solely by me from the pouring, packaging, marketing & shipping although on the odd occasion you will find my 15 year old in the kitchen labelling. I’m a busy mum of three children, ages 15, 5 & 13 weeks (told you I was busy) I restock my website once a month but you will find sneaky little uploads here & there. Why don’t you come & join my Facebook page Sniffs Home Fragrance for more about us 💖

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Tam really is a wax genius, I never thought I'd fight over wax but I prepare myself every restock. I have had some truely gorgeous scents and I get beyond excited for my deliveries.. I may or may not need yet another basket for storage but let's not let the hubby know about that 😂, from scents, to the packaging to customer service Sniffs is pretty unbeatable ❤️ xx

Zoe Venables

Absolutely love Tamaras melts so so much, they’re highly fragrances, last for hours & are made so beautifully!
Customer service is absolutely amazing & sniffs customers are just amazing people to be surrounded by!

Katie Greenhalgh

Hands down the best wax melts you will get, really quick delivery service aswell. Would highly recommend!

Gordon Campbell

Wonderful lady with an amazing passion for everything she creates. Some of the most beautiful wax iv ever seen. 🥰

Sara Scourfield

Tamara seems to have natural flair for this, her combination of scents and the designs they come in are just delightful, every restock totally sells out and i think that says it all at just how good these wax melts are, really hard to have a favourite, every new one tried becomes a fave xxx

Lorette Carstairs

Tamara's wax melts and Reed diffusers are the best I've ever bought. I love a sweet scent and Tamara has such a great selection and they are super strong and last for hours . bonus of living in the same are is i get my orders super fast too 😁

Tracey Cochrane

Absolutely amazing smelling wax! Not only are the designs aesthetically pleasing, the many different scents blow your mind! Tamara offers an efficient & first class service.

Sara Ash

I had always been a candle fan up until I tried Sniffs wax melts. Now I wouldn’t buy anything else!
The range of fragrances each restock is amazing-always something new to try & the scents really do fill a room.
The customer service from Tamara is 5 🌟
All orders are ready quickly & it all looks so good 😍

Natalie Oliver