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Scent Library

Food & Drink Scents

Abu’s Banana - This is definitely not your typical banana fragrance oil.  WOW!  This is a crazy strong blend of Manzano Banana, caramelized sugar cane.  Middle notes of toasted crème brulee, rich clove, and decadent custard with bottom notes of Island Plantain Leaf, Black Coconut and Mango Butter.  Your nose will love this and it has an excellent scent throw. 
Bubblegum Soda - A sweet Bubblegum fragrance with hints of juicy orange, ripe raspberry and light floral notes. 
Bubble Pop - Scrumptious, sweet bubblegum heavily laden with ripe red juicy fruits. 
Blueberry & Vanilla - A fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with the powdery sweetness of vanilla. 
Black Plum & Rhubarb - A vibrant, fruity accord of juicy black plum and fresh rhubarb supported with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach. 
Blueberry Sugar - Similar notes to Fabulousa Blueberry Frosting A super sweet accord with juicy blueberries, sun ripened raspberries and blackcurrants laid on a bed of white sugar. 
Blue Raspberry Slushie - A fresh summer fruit accord dominated by notes of blueberry followed by a raspberry and strawberry blend all sweetened by base notes of creamy vanilla. 
Banana Nut Bread - A delicious accord of mashed banana topped with nuts on a background of soft baked cake and bread nuances supported by sweet hints of toffee and vanilla. 
Blueberry Lemonade - A sweet sherbet and candy accord with notes of fizzy lemon and lime with sticky sweet sugar and hints of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla. 
Blueberry Pancakes - A sweet fruity accord of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry on a sweet base of vanilla cake and musk. 
Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream - Tease the senses with this blend of dessert favorites. Rich cream cheese tones are perfectly balanced with a blueberry accord & tiny hints of cinnamon blended with super sweet vanilla ice cream adds the final temptation for this fabulous treat!
Carrot CakeA buttery spice blend with hints of peach, coconut, carrots, cinnamon & warm vanilla. 
Choca MochaA luxurious combination of the finest Brazilian coffee beans, blended with tempting milk chocolate, with a background of creamy vanilla. 
Doodlebug - A delicious blend of cream soda, fresh watermelon slices, bubblegum, with a hint of new born baby. This is a wonderful fragrance for the young at heart! 
Fizzy Vimpto - (Similar in style & identity to Fizzy Vimto) 
Island Margarita - A unique house blend with tropical vibes. Zesty lime, lemon & tangerine notes rest on a bed of peach, banana & mango for a tantalising fruity fragrance.
Juicy Cherry - This cherry fragrance opens with cherry, almond, apple and grape and is mixed with strawberry, peach and bubblegum subtle notes.  Juicy Fruit - A fruity fragrance of juicy fruit that includes notes of lime, lemon, orange, apple, blueberry, banana, grape, pineapple, bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, clove, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint & vanilla. 
Lychee LemonadeThis is a stunner of a scent consisting of the following notes. Top notes of orange, lemongrass, lime, lemon, mandarinMiddle notes, apple, rose, jasmine, cassis, green notes, berries, bottom notes, amber, sugary notes & vanilla. 
Peppermint Fluff
A fun, feminine blend of huckleberries, violet & white florals with a base note of vanilla marshmallow. 
Rum & Raisin Ice CreamRich vanilla ice-cream layered with a touch of spicy rum and juicy raisins. Lemon Curd - A mouth-watering lemon curd fragrance with top notes of fizzy lemon, sweetened by vanilla pods and sugar. 
Lemon Cookie -This scent is fantastic! Lemon juice, lemon peel, hints of bergamot, blended with crunchy pecans, butter, almonds, sweet milk and brown sugar on a fabulous sugar cookie crust.  
Marshmallow Fluff - This yummy blend of sweet marshmallow fluff has huge nostalgic appeal. Butter crème and vanilla bean are folded into fluffy white marshmallow and sweet sugar to tempt the senses.  
Marshmallow & Toffee Nut Latte - Sweet toffee nut notes lead into a creamy coffee heart, which rests upon a base of sweet candy floss and marshmallow.  
Marshmallow & CandyflossA rich sticky cotton candy fragrance enhanced by marshmallow, sugar, vanilla and toffee hints.  
Rhubarb & Custard - A sweet confectionery accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard. 
Rainbow Kiss - A fruity accord with top notes of raspberry, orange and blueberry, leading to a heart of bubblegum and floral nuances on a base of vanilla and candyfloss. 
Strawberry Soda Pop - A scent incorporating  raspberry and peach sitting on a base note of vanilla and musk. 
Sweet Cherry - A mouth-watering fruity hun fragrance with top notes of raspberry and cherry leading into a heart of strawberry, cherry and apple resting on a sweet sugar base. 
Strawberry & Rhubarb - A perfect fruity fragrance. Not too sweet and not too sour, this fragrance combines freshly picked strawberries and pink rhubarb on a surprisingly complex base. Sweet Tooth Frenzy - A perfect scent for sweet lovers. Top notes of juicy raspberry & blackcurrant which meets bubblegum in the middle with notes of hard rock candy & crunchy nerds all on a base of vanilla ice cream & gooey toffee. 
Tea Party Dreams - A delicious blend of cookies, cakes, scones, jams and jellies! With top notes of strawberry, lemon, sugar, raspberry and peach, middle notes of tea leaf and spring florals on a base of vanilla sponge, clove and cinnamon. 
Juicy Watermelon - A fresh juicy watermelon accord with fresh watery green notes of cucumber, kiwi and lime blended with crisp green florals. 
Sniffs Bubblegum - A rich mix of berry fruits, pineapple, orange, grape, pear, mandarin with a slight phenolic and gum undertones. 
Strawberry Trifle - A mouth-watering accord with juicy strawberry puree along with ripened raspberries on a fluffy sugar, vanilla and musk base. 
Strawberry Lemonade - A sparkling fruity accord with notes of fresh summer raspberry, strawberry and citruses. 
Happiness - A strong sweet fruity tea fragrance with a fabulous sherbety zing; a truly happy sparkly fragrance, created to make you smile! Pistachio Ice Cream - A strong super sweet pistachio ice cream fragrance; soft nutty pistachio notes on a base of rich buttery vanilla. 
Pink Stiletto - Be seduced with sweetness. Loaded with sweet sugary crystals, sweet red fruits, raspberry & of course pure spun, cotton candy. 
Vanilla & Lime - A bright sparkling citrus fragrance with zesty limes and hints of lemon softened with creamy vanilla. 
Wham Bar - A rich strawberry and raspberry fragrance with hints of smooth vanilla.

Clean & Fresh

Clean Cotton - A powdery musky floral accord with violet and orange blossom along with refreshing green hints, jasmine & lily. 
Clean & Comfy - This fragrance oil captures the familiar just-pulled-from-the-dryer smell of freshly laundered linens. This fresh, crisp scent will wrap you up in cozy comfort just like your favorite clean and fresh t-shirt. 
Similar to the popular first aid antiseptic. 
DreamsSimilar in scent to Dreams laundry beads. This gorgeous fragrance combines lime, coconut & bergamot, with jasmine, cyclamen, lavender & peony on a base of cedar, tonka & musk. 
Emerald & Ivory Flower - Similar in scent to Lenor Emerald & Ivory fabric softener with top notes of peach, violet leaf, apple, middle notes of rose, cyclamen, gardenia & base notes of amber & white musk.
Fresh Unstop - A fruity floral accord opening with clean ozonic notes & soft citrus orange, peach & green apple leading to a floral heart of translucent jasmine, rose & neroli freshened with aromatic nuances of anis,eucalyptus & green notes.  The fragrance finishes with a soft trail of patchouli & vanilla. 
Fresh Linen - A powdery, musky floral accord with violet, orange blossom along with refreshing green hints, jasmine & lily. 
Gain Island Fresh -Smells just like an ocean breeze on a tropical island.  Fresh ozony top notes, followed by fresh greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose, jasmine and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air. 
Purple Pixie Laundry - A popular laundry scent that is floral and fresh clean notes of white lily and neroli and iris. 
Puppy Snuggles -A fresh, clean floral accord with sparkling citrus, leading with a floral, herbal heart, resting on a base of musks and precious woods. 
Rose Wonderland - A rich fragrance which opens with fruity & greenery notes that are infused with middle notes of rose, muguet & violet. 
Zoflo Springtime - Reminiscent of the fragrant antibacterial disinfectant brand. 
Spring Unstop - Inspired by laundry. 
Strawberry & Lily - fresh, fruity, floral fragrance with green fruity top notes, strawberry, gardenia, violet and jasmine in the heart and a soft dry down with woods & vanilla. 
Lavender Bloom - A tblast of summer freshness with lavender, rosemary & warm geranium harmonised by mimosa, orange blossom and hints of apricot supported by a highly substantive base of amber, sandalwood, patchouli & tonka.

 Perfume & Aftershave

Alien - A sophisticated floral Oriental fragrance opening with green fruity top notes of plum, neroli, star anise, cardamom and green accord supported by an Oriental floral blend of jasmine, muguet, rose, orange blossom, cashmeran and ylang leading to powdery amber and musky base notes.
Aura - Top notes of tangy lemon and jasmine followed by middle notes of muguet lily, rose petals, African violet and day lily sitting on base notes of cedar wood, patchouli and musk.
Black Opium - Black Opium (YSL) - An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals & vanilla – for sweetness & sensuality.
Boss Bottled - Citrus bergamot with notes of basil, hints of fruity green and a subtle ozonic freshness layered with intense musk, soft amberwoods and cedar, jasmine, white lily and sweet vanilla. 
Bon Bon - A gourmand fragrance opening with bright lemon and orange notes leading to a heart of translucent jasmine and rose with further floral facets finishing with a scrumptious trail of sweet sugar and vanilla, musks, rich patchouli and precious woods.
Eventus - Top notes; Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple, Middle notes; Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Base notes; Dry Birch, Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla
Flowerbomb - A sweet floral fragrance opening with citrus fruity top notes of bergamot supported by a rich floral heart of jasmine, rose, lily and orchid leading to an Oriental base of soft powdery notes, amber, vanilla and musk.
 Fahrenheit - An unusual fresh floral blended with woods and musk. Top notes of bergamot, lemon, lavender, violet and chamomile with a heart of jasmine, lily, cedarwood and sandal leading to a base of patchouli, amber, leather, musk and tonka.
Ghost - A sweet comforting accord where notes of soft peach skin, apricot and sweet lemon are blended with delicate white floral and drifting onto a base of vanilla, sensual musks and ylang
Good Girl - The sweet, alluring qualities of jasmine give this scent brightness & femininity, the darker side of is created with richly fragrant cocoa & intoxicating tonka, whilst almond & coffee bring the scent immediate vibrancy.
Invictus Aftershave TypeAn aromatic ambery Oriental accord with salty sea notes, grapefruit and mandarin orange in the top note leading to heart notes of jasmine, laurel leaves and bay leaves on an ambery woody base of vetiver, ambergris, guaiacwood, patchouli, oakmoss and labdanum resin.
Love Potion VS - A fresh accord of cherry blossom and fresh peach with warm undertones of jasmine and orange.
Rouge - An intense linear harmony of jasmine and saffron rounded with woody amber and fir balsam.
Invictus - An aromatic ambery Oriental accord with salty sea notes, grapefruit and mandarin orange in the top note leading to heart notes of jasmine, laurel leaves and bay leaves on an ambery woody base of vetiver, ambergris, guaiacwood, patchouli, oakmoss and labdanum resin.
Sauvage - A cool unflappable fougere where crisp bergamot and mandarin combine with geranium petals, olibanum oil, fresh lavender sprigs, patchouli, moss and warm nuances of precious amber and musks.
Tonka & Black Coffee - A powerful and sensual scent with notes of cardamom and orange that are laid on notes of patchouli, rose, geranium and musk.
La Vie Est Belle - An Oriental fragrance that starts with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and cassis. It is followed by floral notes of orris, jasmine, orange blossom and lily. It rests on a background of vanilla, tonka bean, praline, patchouli, cedarwood, musk and ambergris.
Olympea - A chypre accord opening with bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, green leaf, apple, plum, cassis and galbanum leading to a heart of jasmine, rose, lily, freesia, violet and gardenia with marine hints on a rich base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, tonka & musks.
Pure Seduction - Victoria’s Secret dupe. Juiced plum & crushed freesia form this floral but fruity accord. 

Sweet & Fizzy 

Bippity Bobbidy Boo - This magical scent is so scrumptious you will be singing the bibbidy bobbidy song! Sweet strawberry, raspberry and pineapple with sugar cane and spun sugar on a base of vanilla and light hints of musk. Totally delightful!  
Butt Naked - A tantalising medley of granny smith apples & honeydew melon, middle notes of strawberries & pears, with hints of spice. 
Blonde Moment - An incredible iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry & cranberry.  This is super fabulous & super strong! 
Chicks Dig ItSweet and sassy! Sweet, ripe cherries, sugared lemons and lime laced with sweet sugary crystals. 
Candy Land - The perfect sweet treat with notes of Pink Lemon & Strawberry & Lime candy combined with Sugar Cane and Vanilla. Confectionery Dreams - A fruity mouthwatering blend of fresh red strawberries and sun ripened raspberries on a sweet balsamic base of sugar meringue, fresh cream and vanilla supported by a touch of sandalwood. 
Cherry Kisses & Strawberry Hearts - A sugary sweet fragrance bursting with juicy, ripe strawberries and lush cherries. All of this is wrapped in notes of candy and fresh vanilla. Cherry Drops - A fruity cherry fragrance supported by a sweet vanilla dry down.
Comforter - A sweet mouthwatering fruity aroma with cherry supported by notes of raspberry, blackcurrant and watery black grape. 
Down Under - Just like the famous Aussie shampoo) A juicy fruity fragrance starting with fresh melon, pear & apple highlighted by a pineapple heart wrapped in raspberry, musk and creamy peach accords
Day Of The Dead - A sharp zesty lime sherbert blend. 
First Kiss - A soft sweet young-at-heart blend of bubble gum, marshmallow, milk & sugar. 
Fruity Sherbet - A fizzy fruity fragrance with notes of Raspberry, Peach, Orange, Apple and Lemon, resting on a sweet vanilla sugary base. 
Girls Night OutSweet & sassy & a little bad assy! A sweet gourmand delight, opens with top notes of sweet ripe juicy strawberries & mouth watering syrupy mixed fruits before leading into a heart of fuzzy peach & succulent black cherries. High On SugarSuper sweet, and super fizzy - this fruity fragrance is one of the best you will ever come across. Fun and mouthwatering, a must have for spring and summer. It is gives you a real sugar rush. 
Lemon Sherbet - A sweet confectionery accord of juicy lemon and lime, a splash of sweet orange and hints of red fruits, strawberry and raspberry followed by a fizzy tongue twisting sherbet. 
Love Hearts - A sweet and juicy accord with mouthwatering fruity elements of raspberry, plum, redcurrant and peach refreshed by orange, grapefruit and lemon and sweetened by vanilla. Just like the sweets! 
Lime Cooler - A zesty lime accord with notes of vanilla and coconut. 
Marshmallow & Hawaiian Pineapple - An edible fruity fragrance with opening notes of zesty pineapple & creamy coconut followed by a base of sweet sugar candy & soft fluffy marshmallow 
Magical Dreams - Take yourself on a magical adventure with this super delectable fragrance with the following notes: top notes, strawberries, raspberries, middle notes creamy sandalwood, base notes, muguet & vanilla, musk & amber. Marshmallow Dreams - This yummy blend of sweet marshmallow fluff has huge nostalgic appeal. Butter crème and vanilla bean are folded into fluffy white marshmallow and sweet sugar to tempt the senses. 
Moo Moo Land - Fun & fruity this vanilla milk is blended with a sweet purple grape juice to make a fragrance that is really fabulous. 
Fizzy Pink Lemonade - A mouth tingling accord with top notes of fizzy lemon, lime and grapefruit on a heart of fizzy citrus, a touch of apple and sweet raspberry with a base of vanilla and sugar.  Pink Sands - (best seller) A fruity floral fragrance introduces citrus sweet orange notes & a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons & bananas leading to a floral core of muguet, rose & jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves.  The base is enriched with sweet vanilla & sugar notes. Pink Gum Drops - Sparkling sugared berries with pink cotton candy and a healthy sprinkle of magical fairy dust. We love the delicious fruity blend of strawberry & raspberry. 
Pink Tutu - Sweet and rich! Top notes of lemon, sparkling cassis, and Sicilian bergamot. Middle notes of juicy pluots, black plum and centifolia rose. Bottom notes of olibanum resin, black amber & creamy tonka beans. 
Tooth Fairy Taffy - A luscious blend of confectionary sugar mixed with berry, cherry & orange moulded together with vanilla to create a sweet tooth, bubble gum dream. 
Sugar Rush - A fun rush of sugar opening with a fruity frenzy of pink lychee and tart raspberry notes layered with apple, bold blackcurrant and orange. White florals and musk bring this fragrance to a soft close. 
Snow Pixie - A fantasy fragrance if ever there was one. creamy, orange, sweet note to start, with parma hearts for the second course. Lots of vanilla and sweet musks bring up the rear. Sweet heaven!  
Sweet Taffy - (best seller) A confectionary fragrance with sweet fruity notes of grape, raspberry, strawberry and orange on a background of musk & vanilla. 
Twisted Unicorn  - This fragrance will literally blow you away! Crazy strong and super fun! An amazing blend of sweet mixed berries, little bursts of citrus - a little zing here and there with sweet vanilla and the irresistible notes of sweet sugary cotton candy! Seriously, this oil is ridiculously fantastic! You will love this scent!  
Unicorn Pop Tarts - We love this unique blend of fruits and pastry. A fabulous blend of ripe juicy fruits such as plum, weh isk cheese strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit sweetened by subtle undertones of french vanilla, hints of cocoa, melted butter, whipped cream and fresh baked goodness! 
Pretty Woman - A fun & moreish scent with cherry, violet, coumarin, pink cotton candy and tonka. Super strong!!  
Pineapple PartyA sticky sweet summer delight! Notes of ripe strawberry and exotic pineapple are blended with a creamy base of vanilla.

Something Different

Almond Milk & Sea Salt - A really gorgeous & luxurious fragrance that combines sea salt and lemon flowers with super creamy almond milk giving this fragrance a wonderful sweetness.  A combination of coconut with hints of jojoba, melon blossoms & cherry wood. 
Blue Cypress & Amber - A rich fragrance that opens with a rich aroma of cypress, myrtle and amber, which is built on the woody base notes of rosewood, cedarwood and sandalwood with a pinch of musk. 
Cashmere Sweater - A beautiful fruity floral fragrance opening with rich blackberry, sparkling pomegranate and wild grape, supported by a white floral heart of freesia, lily, magnolia and violet, all resting on a soft cashmere and musk base. 
Coco Butter CashmereA rich mouthwatering gourmand fragrance with rich dark cocoa, enriched by vanilla, apricot and warm spices
Dark Plum & Sandalwood - An intense fragrance with oak moss, sweet cherry plum and fresh freesia accords for an elegant and rich scent.  Dark Honey & Tobacco - A dark and powerful blend of tobacco leaf, softened with honey accords. 
Eastern Fusion -(best seller) A woody floral fragrance inspired by the middle eastern trade routes starting with notes of grapefruit, rose, saffron and armoise into a heart of jasmine, violet & muguet finally drying down into a heavy musky scent of amber, resins, leather &  oud. 
Egyptian Amber -(best seller) A rich sultry fragrance with warm Moroccan amber, enriched by spicy cinnamon, bitter orange and touches of coriander, leading to a base of vanilla pod, sandalwood, patchouli & ylang.  
Frankincense & MyrrhThis is a warm aromatic scent. Frankincense immersed in warm amber, rock rose and myrrh. These are complemented by three regal woods from the Orient, cedar, vetivert and patchouli. 
Floridean DreamsA fresh uplifting floral blend with top notes of green cut stem, bergamot and juicy pear on a heart of jasmine blossoms, ylang, violet, rose, orange flower, water lily and a hint of banana supported on a base of amber, musk & cedarwood.
Frosted Sugar Blooms - (best seller) A A Confectionery dream - sweet sugar crystals sprinkled over Frosted Floral Blooms - conjures up a haze of pink sweetness

Fresh Mint & Rhubarb - (best seller) A best seller. Tangy rhubarb with a hint of  mint. Super strong & fabulous.
Lavender & VanillaThis fragrance starts with top notes of lavender, the heart is floral with geranium and rose, resting on a background of vanilla, tonka bean and musks. 

Rainforest Sugar Cane - Venture into Hawaii's rainforest with an intriguing mixture that includes fresh lime, raw sugarcane and rare vanilla orchid. A fabulous blend of Hawaiian hibiscus, pineapple, blood orange, palm grass, lemon mint, Kona sugarloaf, all blended to complete this sophisticated scent. You will love this very clean, tropical scent with hints of fruity floral undertones. 
PJ Time - Baby freesia, lavender & sweet pea. 
Peppermint Fluff - A fun, feminine blend of huckleberries, violet & white florals with a base note of vanilla marshmallow. 
Mahogany TeakwoodA timeless classic where woody notes set the mood, all centred on smooth cedarwood. Fruity notes of lemon and bergamot are cooled by ozonic nuances that lead to a mysterious duet of rosemary and pineapple. Myrhh & Tonka - Jo Malone Dupe. A rich noble fragrance of the myrrh tree fused with warm almond & vanilla notes. 
Lavender Haze - Simply stunning, strong & very true to life. 
Rosey Quartz - A luxurious floral musk accord with top notes of crisp citrus, supported by dried rose and a Jasmine heart, resting on a soft base of sandalwood and delicate musk. 
Serendipity - A calming but uplifting scent reminiscent of a spontanious meeting of two hearts by fate or chance, for example.  
Seychelles - A WC Dupe. An accord that teleports you to a true tropical paradise. Bergamot, orange & coconut tones are supported with hints of buttery vanilla, amber & mature jasmine that give a sensual oceanic accord. 
Staying Home - A Bath & Body Works Dupe. A warm vanilla sponge cake infused with sweet honey, topped with fresh vanilla cream.
Sweater Weather - A fresh uplifting accord with top notes of pine, lemon and eucalyptus, on a heart of forest fruits, winter Jasmine, lavender and cooling menthol, on a base of amber, musk and moss. 
Velvet Sugar - A deep fruity oriental scent blends notes of decadent rose with opulent oudh, raspberry, rich patchouli, cedarwood, precious musk and vanilla. Top notes of lemon and piquant pink pepper uplift the fragrance and add a sparkle. 
Pretty Blossoms - A romantic hearty scent with top notes of sweet pea, tayberry, raspberry, freesia and pink peony that lie delicately on plum and musk base notes. 
Passionate Kisses - (best seller) Alluring, energetic & fun. This fragrance begins with top notes of raspberry, blackberry & fresh strawberries, followed by heart notes of coconut milk & freshly picked roses, & ending in bottom notes of egypian vanilla & amber musk. 
Oriental Duchess - Inspired by Amber Powder. This fragrance is a blend of spices combined with the floral beauty of Rose and aromatic Woods. Warm Amber wraps itself around this fragrance to give an overall unmissable scent that you just won’t be able to get enough of.
Neroli & Ylang Ylang - A refreshing citrus cologne with sweet juicy orange, bergamot and neroli leading to a clean floral heart of orange blossom, lily, rose and jasmine resting on a base of powdery musk and dry flowers.
Nag Champa - A rich sensual fragrance with powdery top notes of sweet magnolia and rose, supported by a base of soft sandalwood, vanilla, musk and amber. 
Vanilla & Tahiti -  A sweet edible smelling accord opening with creamy coconut supported by notes of lily, jasmine, hibiscus & rose on a rich base of vanilla, heliotrope, amber, woods & musk. 
Warm Woolen Jumper -Soft & cocooning like a warm woollen blanket, the fragrance blooms with bright notes of zesty bergamot blended with the indulgent gourmand aroma of heliotrope. At its heart a delicate bouquet of comforting lavender is embraced by soft rose petals that come to rest on a bed of powdery musks. 

Bath & Body

A Thousand Wishes - (best seller) A BBW dupeNotes of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond creme. Additional notes include star fruit, quince, freesia, amber, sugared sandalwood and velvet musk. 
Avobath - A L*SH dupe. With similar notes of zingy lemons, limes, lemongrass & bergamot. 
Dove - Similar in scent to the original white soap. A comforting floral with fresh aldehydic top notes accompanied by gentle floral notes of rose & jasmine. The base is composed of musk, moss, woods & a hint of sweet buttermilk.
Down Under - Just like the Aussie shampoo. With notes of juicy bubblegum & pear. This is a must try! 
Feeling Glam - (Palmolive Dupe)  A scent composed from rich bourbon vanilla, luscious dragon fruit and indulgent blackberry with subtle undertones of vanilla, coconut & melon for a truly refreshing fragrance oil. 
Fluffy Vanilla Silks - (best seller) A BBW Dupe of Whipped Vanilla Chiffon - Sweet & fluffy - A wonderful blend of vanilla bean, sweet spun sugar and heavenly white peach blossoms.  
Get Rocked - A L*SH dupe. Notes of vanilla candy, faintly bubblegum and very sweet and girly. 
In The Stars - BBW Dupe. A beautiful blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, ambers & agarwood. 
IntergalacticA L*SH dupe of a bath bomb. A totally refreshing scent with peppermint & grapefruit, it has an underlying tone of aftershave with cedar wood & vertivert. 
Pulp Friction - A Soap & Glory dupe. Opening notes of sweet orange, apple & lavender, a heart of fruity fig all resting on a powdery background with tonka bean & vanilla.
Pink Chiffon - A fruity floral accord with top notes of wild berries, peach and pear that infuse elegantly with water lily, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.  
Pink Sugar - A sweet citrus accord combining notes of white sugar, lemon and bergamot with lily of the valley, musk, candyfloss and crushed vanilla pods. 
Rhubarb & Rose (Molten Brown Dupe) - A crisp mouthwatering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by elderflower, tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits. Sniffs Fairy -Similar to a L*sh bath & body product. A luxurious smelling fragrance oil with notes of pear, candy floss, vanilla, cherry and a hint of marshmallow. 
Sundown - Similar in scent identity to L*sh Twilight with similar notes of soothing lavender, with tonka beans and a hint of ylang ylang. 
Tropical Getaway - A BBW dupe of Caribbean Escape - Whisk yourself away on a Tropical Getaway & enjoy the smells of fresh pineapple, casaba melon & creamy coconut - takes you away to far away exotic places.