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Clean / Fresh  Scents
Clean / Fresh  Scents
Clean / Fresh  Scents
Clean / Fresh  Scents
Clean / Fresh  Scents
Clean / Fresh  Scents
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Clean / Fresh Scents

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Do you love a fresh, clean smelling home? You are in the right place. 

Baby Powder 
A powdery warm floral combination of rose, Jasmin and geranium, containing powdery aldehydic back notes

A fresh clean fragrance with notes of rosemary, eucalyptus, cedarwood & patchouli.

Bromol Ropa Limpia (Spanish Cleaning Scent)     
A fresh scent reminiscent of clean laundry, in which citrus & crisp apple meets orange blossom, violet, rose and lily. This fruity & floral fusion rests on a warm base of blonde woods, amber & musk.

Blush Lemon 
Inspired by Fabulousa Pink Fizzy Lemonade. A mouth tingling accord with top notes of fizzy lemon lime and grapefruit on a heart of fizzy citrus a touch of apple & sweet raspberry with a base of vanilla & sugar.

Cucumber Linen  
A burst of freshness green reviving cucumber accords brushed with silk cotton mingles with creamy velvet rose, white floral jasmine petals and aromatic amber.

Cotton Fluff 
That 'nothing better' smell of fresh fluffy towels from the dryer. Apple, lemon, lavender and lily form the body of this fresh and comforting fragrance. 

Crisp Linen & Aqua Sky
Inspired by Dettol. A fresh crisp linen scent with an outdoor breeze. 

Cielo Azul Mayor Domo (Spanish Cleaning Scent) 
A scent that radiates a gorgeous smell of blue skies, reminding you of holidays spent in the Spanish sun! Fresh and breezy with notes of bitter orange and a base of amber and suave sandal.

Cucumber & Sea Salt.  
fresh, clean floral fragrance with green petals, lemon & a hint of cucumber, supported by a heart of rose, lily, heliotrope & cool marine and ozonic breezes resting on a base of soft dry flowers .

Dazzling Pink    
A fresh fruity floral laundry blend. Notes of peach, green apple & raspberry blend with floral notes of jasmine, neroli, rose & violet on a base of sweet sugared candy, sandalwood & creamy vanilla

Desert Rose    
Inspired by Lenor Outdoorables - Top notes of mixed fruits, anise & Eucalyptus blend with heliotrope, peach & violet on a smooth creamy base of sandalwood must and vanilla.

Just like the popular soap. A refreshing & floral fragrance with cool aldehydes on a full floral heart of rose, jasmin, ylang ylang & a hint of spiciness followed by a base of musk, patchouli & gentle woods.

Downy Blue
Inspired by American laundry detergent. A sparkly floral blend. Sweet orange, lush fern, jasmine, lilac & rose on a warm, woodsy base of amber & musk.

Fairy Laundry    
A popular laundry scent that is floral and fresh clean notes of white lily and neroli and iris. 

Fresh Unstoppables  
Just like the laundry beads. Our all time best selling laundry scent. This fragrance has fruity opening top notes of peach, lime & apple, with a floral heart of jasmine, rose, green leaf & white cotton blossom on a rich base of white woods & amber.

Fresh Linen 
Imagine fresh crisp sheets out the drier. You won’t get a fresher fragrance than this.

Frosted Eucalyptus  
Inspired by Lenor. A frosty fresh fragrance with top notes of eucalyptus, citrus & apple blended with floral notes of lily & neroli on a base of patchouli & soft woods

Gotas Frecsa Baby (Spanish Cleaning Scent)   
A fresh & lasting fragrance that is reminiscent of traditional colognes. Bergamot, zesty lemon & mandarin meld with floral notes of neroli blossoms, jasmine petals and lavender sprigs, leading to a sensual musk & amber base.

Hoover Lines    
Is there anything more satisfying than seeing those perfect hoover lines on super thick, velvety soft carpet? The fragrance opens with a fresh and cool marine accord with ozonic and floral aldehydes at the top. The heart is complex and clean with aqua blossom, pink rose and fresh cyclamen, descending onto a base of cool amber, vanilla and sweet musks.

Lavender Bloom
Inspired by fabric softener. A blast of lavender, rosemary & warm geranium harmonised by mimosa, orange blossom & hints of apricot, on a base of amber, sandalwood, patchouli & tonka.

Lenor Fresh Meadows  
A fruity floral fragrance with notes of crisp green apple and juicy melon followed by hints of floral on a creamy base of sandalwood

Lavish Unstoppables 
An ideal pairing of rich peach gourmand scent infused with creamy white floral notes blended with sweet vanilla and precious woods.

Midnight Blooms      
A fragrance bursting with mystical and seductive notes of oriental roses and orange blossoms that envelope rich dark amber accords. 

Method Rhubarb  
Just like the method floor cleaner. Sweet tart rhubarb with a hint of custard.

Plumped Cushions 
Like a huge, comfy sofa with the softest, plumped cushions this fragrance envelops you in fruity top notes of pear, apple, peach and bergamot. The delicate floral heart reveals rose, jasmine, violet, lily and chamomile, all cushioned by a pillow soft base of woods and musk.

Rose Wonderland  
Inspired by Lenor fabric softener. Wrap yourself in a luxurious wonderland of winter roses on a creamy base

Surf Coconut Bliss
A luxe creamy fragrance with notes of coconut milk, vanilla, amber & musk.

 Tropical Surf  
Just like the washing powder. A fruity laundry scent. A fresh fruity floral bouquet with clean ozonic top notes, hints of plum, mango, nectarine, coconut, jasmine & lily on a background of patchouli leaves, sandal & neroli.

Tropical Twist
Inspired by Zoflora. A fruity tropical fragrance with a blend of pineapple, apple, pear, juicy peach, coconut, lemon & lime ending with soft floral undertones.

Pink Blossom  
 Just like the Lenor Outdoorables range. Top notes of mixed fruits & citrus blend with notes of rose, violet & peach on a light base of amber & musk.

Nenuco (Spanish Cleaning Scent) 
Smells just like the Spanish baby cologne. A clean fresh and citrus aroma that oozes fresh lemon notes.

Viento (Spanish Cleaning Scent)   
Inspired by Spanish cleaning. A seductive accord with floral notes fused with rich amber.

Zoflora Lemon Zest   
 A blend of zingy lemon, fiery ginger & sharp grapefruit infusion which create an fresh & clean zesty accord.